Critical care range:


Critical Care Medicine Franchise Company – WELCOME TO PLENUM BIOTECH  – Plenum Biotech is a leading PCD and Third party manufacturing unit. We have received a good response from businessmen, including doctors and patients. Plenum is a Critical Medicine Franchise company located in Panchkula having latest premium brands with good quality and reasonable rates. We are following the richest pharma manufacturing culture to carry forward our pharmaceutical manufacturing operations. This is the reason why our INTENSIVE CARE RANGE is the most chosen and recommended by many healthcare professionals across the country. This success is attributed to our wide range of premium brands along with W.H.O’s and GMP Standard.

Intensive care division

Plenum Intensive care has a wide range of medicines and it helps the patient to get stable from critical conditions. Plenum Intensive care is our critical care division. It helps to promote research, production, and sales of cost-effective & value added medicines as critical care is the sophisticated way to treat the patients who are on the death bed where generic medicines are not working and one has to achieve the levels where the patient can be stable enough to get out of the critical condition. Our Critical care Medicine Franchise company also improves the condition of the patient and is a more secure way to get the patient out of the life-threatening disease.

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Copyright © 2019 Top Pharma Companies All Rights Reserved.